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About Sanrem

Why Choose SanRem?

Sanitary Removal Limited (SanRem) was incorporated in 1997 from a necessity to provide safe and efficient storage and removal of sanitary waste from commercial properties. Over the past 25 years, we have developed a substantial sanitary service portfolio consisting of approximately one thousand six hundred (1600) locations. Our support team is backed by the expertise of trained technicians, customer support representatives and other highly competent workers. Our customers are guaranteed:

Our Commitment To Quality

We are completely committed to the protection of our customers and the environment. Even though regulation of our industry currently does not require, or encourage environmental protection, SanRem conforms to the Draft Guidelines created by The Ministry of Health, for the proper segregation and disposal of medical and sanitary waste material. We ensure that all employees completely understand our quality policy and that essential functions are carried out consistently.

Our trained and experienced service personnel sanitize and replace each sanitary bin based on our client's preferred service cycle. Emergency exchanges are performed within 24 hours for clients within Kingston and St Andrew and 48 hours for all other locations island-wide. All bins come with colour-coded liners for the effective segregation of waste. Once removed, collected refuse is properly disposed of or incinerated.
We use dry environmentally friendly germicidal powder and sanitisers in our bins which reduce the risk of foul odours and cross-infection. Our users are never exposed to harsh chemicals, and in the event of an accident there will be no potential for chemical leakage or contamination. Labels are placed on all bins with clear instructions and our client's can opt for additional instructive stickers based on their needs.

Affordable Products, Delivered Island-Wide

We sell, rent and service a wide range of sanitary solutions. Our stock includes sanitary waste disposal bins, recycled hand towels, toilet paper dispensers, air sanitizers, toilet bowl sanitizers, hand dryers and medical waste baskets. Request your quote today and have your order delivered at any location island-wide.

30 Herb Mckenley Drive
Kingston 6, Jamaica W.I.
Fax: 1-876-978-0574

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